Family Standards

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Bailey 70 lbs and 26" tall

AKC Registered. OFA (hips, elbow, cardiac) test results good.  

Silver baige party.  Bailey is Papas best friend.  They enjoy taking walks to the pond and watching TV.   

Bailey Pedigree


Zeva 68 lbs 25" tall.  Black

AKC Registered. APRI Champion. OFA (hips, elbow, cardiac) test results good. 

Zeva was the standard who started it all.  She is the matriarch of the family and she takes her job to protect us seriously. 

Zeva Pedigree


Rouge 60 lbs. 25" tall
AKC Registered.  APRI champion. OFA (hips, elbow, cardiac) test results good. 
Rouge is calm and loving.  Her favorite thing to do is spend time with the family.  Outside running in the yard or cuddled up watching movies she aims to please whoever she is with. 


Mocha 50 lbs.  23" tall

AKC Registered.  OFA (hips, elbow, cardiac) test results good.  Mocha is our smartest standard!  She is the first to learn and I have seen her even try to each the other dogs.  She is protective of our family and loves playing with puppies.  

Mocha  Pedigree



AKC Registered 

Best friends/sister to two little girls. She is calm and motherly, if the girls ever hurt themselves she is by their side offering cuddles and kisses.  

Chyna  Pedigree